What's Your Life Expectancy As A Lactating Wombman?

I went on ssa.gov to check out their life expectancy calculator. According to their algorithm, I’m going to live a whopping 85.3 years. Hopefully it'll be the highest quality of life, meaning I'm independently functioning with a banging body and sharp mind.

Then I wanted a second, third, and fourth opinion. So I checked out Bank Rate’s calculator.

Bank Rate is one of my favorite and most trusted resources for simple and straight forward calculated predictions. I’ve been using their student loan calculator to help me reach my pay-off goals by 2022 (pray for me please!)

Anywho, their life expectancy calculator also asks more lifestyle questions like, are your parents healthy, and if you smoke?

According to Bank Rate, I have a little less time —but I’ll take it.

And according to Big Life, I’m going to close my eyes a little closer to 90.

Of course John Hancock's was my favorite giving me a grand total of 91 years

And I found BluePrint Income’s to be the most fun to take. It also compares you to your peers.

There are other calculators, even ones that ask about womb health (like the Living to 100 Calculator).

And all calculators disclose they are simply estimates with no guaranteed accuracy.

So what does this have to do with our childbearing and lactating years?

I strongly believe gentle birthing and attaching the child to the breast supports the mother's comprehensive and regenerative health.

Which is why I'm super proud to have mothered the way I have. As well as super thankful for all the effort I put into maintaining inner peace, honoring my body, and making health-conscious decisions on a daily basis.

However, breastfeeding without daily self-love can result in you being a young mother with achy joints and gray pubes. So use these calculators to help you figure out what adjustments can add (not subtract) years to your life span.

What were your results? What motherhood choices have you been most proud of? What are you planning to do with this whole life you have to live? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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