Did Breastfeeding Distort Your Chest Tattoo?


I got black text tattooed across my chest in my late teens.

I remember the tattoo artist encouraging me to get it on meatier parts of my body so that the process wouldn’t be as painful. He also mentioned some pieces move and stretch especially on a wombman’s ever-changing body.

The phrase I chose and it’s significance to my life, all led me towards the heart as my preferred site. Plus I had been thinking about this tattoo for over a year (I think it’s wise to make sure any art you permanently etch into your skin is something you really want).

While I know our heart beats in the middle of our chest, the left ventricle allegedly pumps the strongest, which is why when we pledge allegiance, we put our hand across the left side of our heart.

Anyway, over the years, my tattoo definitely stretched ... then shrunk... then stretched again. This was probably due to the weight fluctuations of my post-adolescent, pre-childbearing years.

Now as a breastfeeding mother, the stretch marks that decorate my boobs sit directly below my tat. The writing is definitely illegible, but I can still read it despite the letters being blurred and appearing closer together.

I’m fine with it.

It’s a personal message and reminder to myself (not others).

So if you are considering inking up your chest - the heart area is a perfect location that will still look good many years later. Just make sure it’s something you love.

Do you have a chest tattoo? How has it changed after nursing? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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