How Do You Increase Heat In Your Lactating Body?

Internal heat naturally supports digestion, increases blood flow and helps the body get rid of toxins. Three very important elements in producing the highest quality of breastmilk.

So here are 5 ways I increase my body heat.

Sunbathe Daily

The sun has so many healing benefits. Heat is one of them.

Spicy Food

For an intense dry heat, filled with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers I use 1-2 habanero peppers in my meals. Be careful not to wipe your eyes, they will burn worse than your tongue and butt hole.

Cook With Fire

I limit my microwave use and heavily rely on fire to cook everything. Coupled with a cast iron pot, the fire’s energy absorbs into the food, making it taste better and retain more nutrients.

Sleep With A Pregnancy Pillow

I’m a cuddler. And being wrapped in a super soft and fluffy c-shaped body pillow keeps me warm and comfortable.

Herbal Tea

A cup of hot tea in the morning almost always makes me sweat. My current favorites are sorrel, lemon, peppermint and nettles.

During this time, I also wear natural fibers. As our body heats up, we want to let our skin breathe. Cotton is a breathable fabric that is cozy and comfortable for our lactating journey.

If you are naturally a hot-bodied wombman, these tips may cause heat stress or exhaustion. My extremities (hands and feet) tend to be cold, so I sought natural ways to increase my internal temperature.

This post is inspired by our 8 year old who noticed fat solidifies when cold and liquefies when hot.

Until next time,

Love Thyself,

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