2 Stories Our 4 year Old Homeschooler Loves To Re-Read

When we find an author or illustrator we love, we collect and read all of their books.

Here are two recent faves…

1. Don’t Touch My Hair

Both of our girls have encountered strangers being fascinated with their beautiful heads of hair. We love how this story sheds light on a little girl who encounters similar situations and shows how her character deals with it. Written and illustrated by Sharee Miller.

2. Festival Of Colors

Illustrated by Vashti Harrison and written by a mother and son, this book is about the Indian holiday Holi Hai (pronounced Holy Heh). It’s a super cute story about a little brother and sister collecting colorful flowers in preparation for the celebration.

Does your little one love to re-read stories? Have you checked out these authors? What are your family's current favorite stories?

Click the book covers if you want to add these gems to your home library. Click the text to borrow these books from the Boston Public Library. For more inspirations check out The Sweet Pea Girls, Here Wee Read, the local library or local book stores.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,


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