Reading Comprehension With Our 6 Year Old Homeschooler

I used to think the purpose of reading a book was to finish it. Reading with our 6 year old has taught me that connecting with the material is far more important.

So she asks millions of questions, we have mini dialogues on how the book relates to her life, we take hundreds of breaks to do further research and it can take us a half an hour to read a 5 minute book.

Here are some recent books that sparked some good conversation.

1. CeCe Loves Science

...is about a determined young scientist who conducts experiments on her dog. The book introduces the reader to four well known scientists as well as different fields of sciences. It also takes you through the scientific method of observing, collecting data and how to deal with “experimental failures.” Such a great book illustrated by the talented Vashti Harrison.

2. Dream Big Little One

Don’t let this 26 page board book with little words fool you. Our 6 year old basically turned the book of womyn into a study guide. Each page she wanted to learn more about these leaders and their stories. Another beautifully illlustrated book by Vashti Harris.

3. First Family

...pays homepage to the first family’s life in the Whitehouse. It was cool reading it to our 6 year old who loves house play. We learned the White House has 132 rooms, is a museum, home, meeting place and more interesting facts about where the US president lives. This book sparked conversation about our current president and world issues. Illustrated by AG Ford.

4. Nzingha

...is a retelling about the great warrior queen of Angola. While reading our six-year old found the author's phone number and wanted to reach out. It's essential that our children know who writes what they read, especially our history books. The author, Desree Crooks, was so surprised by a child calling her, she wrote about it on her blog. And I was super grateful that our daughter not only connected with the story, but that she got to speak with the author.

That's it. What books are you reading and what types of discussions are you having with your little one?

Click the book covers if you want to add these gems to your home library. Click the text to borrow these books from the Boston Public Library. For more inspirations check out The Sweet Pea Girls, Here Wee Read, the local library or local book stores.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,


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