6 Adorable Styles That Don't Require Accessories

When it comes to our hair - I keep it simple.

Here are four adorable styles that don't require accessories, just our God-given crowns.

1. Plaits

Just section the hair and braid. If you are not a braider than...

2. Mini Twists

While plaits require three strands, twists only use two. Which means they are quicker to install. Depending on the hair texture they also curl or puff up - which is really cute.

3. Bantu Knots

With bantu knots, you just grab a section of hair and twist. The knot is what holds the style in place.

4. Corn Rows

You can totally add beads, but we’ve also just cornrowed the hair. You can do one, two or a head full of corn rows. Depending on the design, the braids are definitely enough.

5. Finger Coils

Tightly twisting the hair around itself, creates these cute little coils that stay together by themselves.

6. Fro

I don't see the harm in letting them rock their hair out for the day, especially if they are okay with the detangling process.

Which of the styles above is your favorite? What styles do you do without using accessories?

Need hair help? Ask me anything.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,


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