6 Ways Breastfeeding Affected My Wardrobe

1. Less Dresses

My body looks best in dresses, but I shied away from them for a long time because I couldn’t figure out how to nurse discreetly while wearing one. Nursing covers are sold, but as my daughter neared one years-old, she did not like her face being covered. I did not start wearing dresses again until our second daughter was around one. At that point, I chose to be happy about my appearance versus worrying about how others felt when they saw me nurse.

2. Less Bras

I stopped wearing daily bras for multiple reasons. As my body adjusted to the amount of milk my baby needed, my breasts size went from a C cup to an E and continued to change after that. Being braless felt way more comfortable. It also creates easier access to the breast, versus me fussing with a bra.

3. The Wrap

For a significant amount of time, I was a baby wearer (used a piece of cloth to wrap the baby to my body). My wraps became must-haves in my daily outfits, so I got three different colors to fit my different moods.

4. More Layers

I learned to wear two shirts after I had been nursing for a while. It is really helpful in allowing me to breastfeed more discreetly by using the top shirt to cover the breast instead of an oversized nursing cover.

5. Casual Clothes

My first daughter spit up frequently after nursing. I did not want to panic over stained clothes - so wearing clothes that were not my favorite became my style.

6. Nursing Pads

Although I see their value, these things grossed me out. Nursing pads are placed inside your bra for when you leak milk. They were definitely necessary after my first pregnancy - because I leaked almost constantly, but I didn’t like wearing pads in my drawers and in my bra.

In the end, I found a way to feel comfortable and confident.

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